My work with Know How Group is centred around a very simple, yet very powerful vision: using property and wise investments to create time and freedom for our clients. More than anything else, we want the people that come to us to stop being driven so much by work and have the time and energy to focus on things that are important to them, like family and their passions.

This is a noble goal, but a difficult one. Whether you work with Know How Group or not, there’s a very important aspect to this journey that you can’t ignore, which is assembling a team that can help you achieve your goals. Long gone are the days when a snake oil salesman tries to be a one-stop-shop for your investment goals, pretending to be an expert in everything and promising to get you rich quick.

Every step of the way, you should have team members that are specialised and have plenty of experience in their given disciplines. First and foremost, you’ll need a great accountant to count up the numbers and look after your tax situation. This is something of a golden rule when it comes to investment: a good accountant can be worth their weight and more. They can save you a lot of money on tax — and you all know how much of an emphasis I put on not overpaying on your taxes — and pay for themselves, essentially. They can also keep you out of trouble, as somebody who doesn’t know what they’re doing can cause unnecessary hiccups along the way with regards to your finances.

You’ll also need financial planners to look at your equities, shares and other aspects of your investment portfolio. Maybe you have some experience playing with shares and consider yourself something of a savvy trader. That’s all well and good. But the fact of the matter is that you don’t have the time to really do it well. Playing with shares for a few hours on the weekend is not the same as keeping an eye trained on your investment portfolio throughout the entire week. If anything, having a good financial planner can also pay for itself, as they’re going to bring you returns that you almost certainly couldn’t have gotten on your own. And with all the time saved, they’ll bring you peace of mind — which is invaluable.

There are other team members, like project managers, that will help round out the process. The key factor here, though, is that they are independent experts. You don’t want to be swindled by an in-house team that promises to get everything done with one or two people.

At Know How Group, we divide our customer experience into four F’s: fast, friendly, frequent and fun, with 100% accountability and 0 excuses. Having top-notch customer service is something we pride ourselves on, and making the investment process quick and easy, with an ace team, is of utmost importance.

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