Do you have a plan?

  • Do you have a clear vision on how you want your future to look and how to fund it?
  • May be you are in pursuit of more ‘me’ time?
  • Perhaps you want to get your kids onto the property ladder or provide for their future?
  • You may just want to look at the best way to expand your property portfolio.
  • Or you know you want to get into property but you just don’t know where to start.

To get some clarity on all of your property and finance questions and to quickly see what you can and can’t do, the first step is to have a quick chat with our Chief Start:egist & Founder Bushy Martin – He will get you started on your home ownership strategy so that you can make informed decisions based on all of the facts.

To qualify for a free 20 minute one on one Start-egy session, you need to be an established home owner with:

  • $100,000 min. combined gross taxable income
  • $100,000 min. equity in your home(s)
  • A genuine interest and belief in the power of property to help achieve your goals

Don’t qualify? Contact our team and we can help.