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Whether you are buying your first home, renovating upgrading to your dream home – it doesn’t matter.  It all leads to the same place.   Your home, your dream.  Home-made dreams.

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So if you know you need to do something in property and finance. But you just can’t see how, then let us give you all the know how to make it happen!

How to get financially free with Josh Blakeley

Many people are still living on credit or from paycheck to paycheck, regardless of how much they earn – so why is this and what can you do about it? That’s where today’s guest Josh Blakeley comes in. Josh Blakeley is an international money coach, property developer...

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What does it take to ‘live by design’?

Bushy Martin and his wife, Sonya, are living their dream. The couple has custom-built an enviable lifestyle, on the back of income generated from their property investments and business. But Bushy didn't reach this position without losing it all first. By his mid-30s,...

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Psychologist Tim Dansie on the mindset of success

If your thinking and mindset is important to you, have you ever seen a psychologist? Why? Because a psychologist can help you tackle the big issues and answer the hard questions. Like: what is the psychology of performance and success and how does this help us? How...

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