How the mind helps and hinders high performance

How the mind helps and hinders high performance

Luke Schenscher has just about done it all in basketball. He played for the Chicago Bulls and Portland Trail Blazers in the NBA, represented his country as part of the Australian National Basketball Team, and won an NBL championship with the Perth Wildcats. (more…)

How Kevin Graham built wealth and a globetrotting lifestyle with online marketing

How Kevin Graham built wealth and a globetrotting lifestyle with online marketing

A little more than five years ago, Kevin Graham was living comfortably in Adelaide, South Australia, with a secure government job in IT.

He was dabbling in the local property market, and seemingly setting himself up nicely. But Kevin felt trapped on the treadmill and longed to break free.

Fast forward to today, Kevin is a globetrotting online entrepreneur currently based in idyllic Chiang Mai, Thailand. He’s built a strong, location independent business that gives him the freedom and flexibility to do what he likes, when he likes, where he likes.

How did he transform his life in such a short period of time? Kevin shares his story and insights with Bushy Martin.

Listen to the full interview here.

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Why It’s Important to Take a Step Back and Reevaluate Your Life — No Matter How Successful You Are

Why It’s Important to Take a Step Back and Reevaluate Your Life — No Matter How Successful You Are

There are plenty of people out there who, on the surface, have it all. They’re financially successful, have a beautiful family and are perfectly healthy. But many of those people are incredibly unhappy and are putting on a front all day while still feeling depressed and empty when they take any time to reflect.

Peter Finn of Face Contracting was in this exact circumstance roughly 6 years ago. He was wealthy beyond what he could imagine growing up as a working-class kid in Cobar, Australia. He had a lovely wife who was also successful in her work. But he was deeply unhappy.

So Peter took some time to reflect on what was really important in life and came to some enlightening conclusions. On a recent episode of the Get Invested podcast, Peter and I had a wonderful chat about what Peter thinks we should really be focusing on: namely relationships. For Peter, the relationships you make with those around you, and the reputation and legacy you leave behind, are the most important things you can put your time and energy towards.

When you’re on your deathbed, he told me, you’re not going to think about the investments you made or the jobs you worked. You’re going to meditate on the relationships you had, and whether you were a force for good with those in your life. It’s a scary thought, coming to the end of your days and realising that you spent all of your time obsessed with work and numbers, but it’s something you should think about.

What we all chase in life is fulfilment and achievement, Peter tells me. That feeling you get when you lose weight, or help an old lady cross the street, or receive praise from your peers — that’s what makes the difference between a fulfilling life and one that is merely spent passing the time.

In my own business, I help people make roadmaps in their lives so that they can cultivate passive income and reach financial freedom for themselves. Money isn’t everything, of course, but achieving financial security is a major step in having a healthy social life. Being able to take care of your family, or take the time off to visit an ailing parent or go on vacation, are all impossible without a comfortable nest egg.

These are, of course, just a few aspects of maintaining a healthy social life. People devote their entire lives to trying to understand relationships, and a short article isn’t going to cover all the bases. But if nothing else, I hope Peter’s words make you take a few moments out of your day to think about what’s really important in your life.

Listen to my entire conversation with Peter here.

Turning Tragedy into Triumph: Andrew Griffiths on the Power of Positivity

Turning Tragedy into Triumph: Andrew Griffiths on the Power of Positivity

Andrew Griffiths had the type of childhood that would turn most people into monsters.

Abandoned by his parents at six months old, alongside his 18-month-old sister, Andrew was taken in by an elderly woman. The woman, despite her being warm enough to take care of Andrew and his sister, systematically abused the two children for years until they were taken away from her when Andrew was 10. She savagely beat them both, made them sleep outside and neglected their physical and emotional health — Andrew wasn’t allowed to brush his teeth until he was 8 years old.

Andrew, as many people do with similar experiences, bounced around homes and turned to drugs, alcohol and crime amid a quest to find himself. But there was a turning point one day — one crossroads among many in his life — where Andrew decided to leave a toxic group of friends and work to make his life better.

Now, Andrew is an international bestselling author with upwards of 20 books of his sold in more than 60 countries. He is a sought-after speaker who has spread his message of entrepreneurship, positivity and individualism all over the world.

So, when so many people would’ve closed themselves up and become negative people, how did Andrew become such a beacon of positivity?

It was a choice, he says. While life throws plenty of things at you, and many of them are beyond your control, how you react to these situations is entirely up to you. Too many people, in his opinion, take a victim mentality and blame outward circumstances for their own unhappiness and lack of meaning in life. There were so many instances in Andrew’s life where he could have either taken a left turn down a path that would lead to more crime, self-abuse and potentially jail, or a right turn that would take him towards a better place. In the end, it’s our own volition and choice that puts us in the right direction, not only external influences.

As Andrew’s business has grown, he’s also learned the importance of self-respect and trusting yourself. He has built his business to a point where he can take a day off if he needs to. Before, when he would maybe take 10 appointments a day, he now only takes three or four. Yes, this can be a bit difficult when you haven’t built a global brand and business, but it should be an ongoing goal in your career. You should always put the health and happiness of you and your loved ones above everything else, prioritising self-respect over chasing a dollar.

Speaking with Andrew on the Get Invested podcast, he had a wealth of advice and friendly humour that is nothing short of inspiring. I’ll leave you with one of his best pieces of advice that you can use in your daily life: make every interaction with another person have meaning.

Listen to my entire conversation with Andrew here.

How To Earn Personal Freedom, Become Happier and Take a 3 Month Holiday Every Year

How To Earn Personal Freedom, Become Happier and Take a 3 Month Holiday Every Year

Sean D’Souza, by most measurements, is living the ideal lifestyle. He is healthy, wealthy and has made enough time for himself to be able to take a holiday 3 months of the year and pursue his hobbies as much as he’d like.

As founder of Psychotactics, his own marketing strategy company, Sean is passionate about analysing life and psychology to understand how people can create an optimal lifestyle. While our chat on the latest episode of Get Invested covered a heap of information, I’ve grabbed a few pieces of key advice Sean shared as a highlight.

Understand What Is Important In Life

It’s a cliche, but too many people focus on money. They work themselves down to the bone, bumping up their income every year without any increase in happiness or reduction in stress. What’s crucial is understanding that time, not money, is our most valuable resource. Instead of packing our life with stress just to make more money, we should learn how to use the money we already have to live our best life. Are your needs met? Good, now think how you can use the excess money to make passive income and devote your time to things that really make you happy.

Find The Right Teacher

A great teacher, among other things, shows you how to save energy when doing something. They will show you brilliant shortcuts and hacks that help you learn something much quicker than if you did it by yourself.

Why is this important? For Sean, there is a simple progression when it comes to learning a craft. You put in energy, you gain confidence by practising and then you end up with a skill. A teacher brings you much closer to that end goal by circumventing frustration and wasted time.

Do More In Less Time

So how does Sean take three months holiday every year? The key, he says, is being realistic about how much time something takes. If we’re given a month to complete a project, we’re likely going to take the entire month. But what if we could complete it in two weeks? That would give us two weeks to use for ourselves. That is the essence, working hard and completing his yearly tasks within nine months, and using the remaining time to travel and enjoy life.

Seize Things For Yourself

When Sean was in college, he knew he wanted to draw cartoons for newspapers and magazines. So what did he do? He went into well-known publications in Mumbai and asked them if they needed cartoonists. He was often met with rejection, but he kept going back and persisting through negative feedback until he received assignments.

This is an attitude that can be applied to any circumstance. Are you unhappy with your job? Well, what could you be doing right now that would move you towards a happier existence? You could start teaching yourself or interviewing those working in your desired industry. The reassuring thought is knowing that there is always an option.

Listen to my entire conversation with Sean here.