If you share our belief that anyone can achieve their home made dreams through home ownership, then welcome to the Know How family!

Whether you are buying your first home, renovating upgrading to your dream home – it doesn’t matter.  It all leads to the same place.   Your home, your dream.  Home-made dreams.

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So if you know you need to do something in property and finance. But you just can’t see how, then let us give you all the know how to make it happen!

What it means to ‘let go’ and how it pays off

One of Micki McNie’s favourite quotes is “the reward for conformity is that everyone likes you, but yourself." It’s a mantra the business founder, property investor and digital nomad lives by, by it wasn’t always that way. Micki told Bushy Martin on the Get Invested...

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Chris Gray’s investment journey to fortune and freedom

On paper, Chris Gray has everything. He’s amassed a $15 million property portfolio, has hosted a sting of property and investment TV shows including Your Money Live currently on Sky Business, and gets around town in a Lamborghini. But Chris told Bushy Martin on the...

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