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How the mind helps and hinders high performance

Luke Schenscher has just about done it all in basketball. He played for the Chicago Bulls and Portland Trail Blazers in the NBA, represented his country as part of the Australian National Basketball Team, and won an NBL championship with the Perth Wildcats. As an... read more

How to break the boundaries of high performance

Working in the IT division of a government department, Greg Layton realised he was cast from a different mould one morning when he stepped into the elevator after ducking out to grab a coffee. It was 8.30 a.m. His co-workers were arriving for the day; Greg had been at... read more

How to find success by doing things differently

Kym Nitschke is well aware of the stereotype of the conventional accountant, but for him, the success he has found both as the owner of Nitschke Nancarrow Chartered Accountants, and as a property investor, have resulted from doing things differently to everyone else.... read more

Luke Schenscher on the reality of elite sporting success

Luke Schenscher is the gentle giant who found his way to the pinnacle of elite sport, playing basketball in the NBA with the likes of the Chicago Bulls and Portland Trailblazers.  He played at the highest level in Germany as well as at home in Australia with the... read more

Tips and Traps When Building a Home

Growing up in a family of builders, Build in Oz founder Natalie Stevens assumed that all Australians knew what she and her parents knew – that you should be able to construct a home for less than it costs to buy one. “If you use a process and you eliminate some of the... read more

Investment Lessons From Maverick Accountant Kym Nitschke

Kym Nitschke is an accountant, financial planner, a licenced builder and an active property investor. How many ‘accountant builders’ have you met? He is, by definition, a maverick – an independently minded person and non-conformist who thinks outside the square and... read more

The Benefits and Risks in Building Your Home

When it comes to the topic of your future home, the age old question is sure to come up – do I buy or build?  In our experience at Know How, building can save you tens of thousands of dollars and unleash huge value into your property portfolio. But some... read more

Why Real Estate is Such a Cut-Throat Business

Imagine a job where you have to cold-call people constantly. At that thought alone, most people would recoil. Now imagine that job, but you also have to work upwards of 70 hours a week for little or no money. Most people would think that you’re insane if you get into... read more

Common Success Strategies of Top Property Investors

Ever wondered what the secret sauce is that makes top property investors successful? Well, if I knew that I would have bottled it and be flogging it on the Internet. But, the fact is, there isn’t just one thing common to all success stories. This was something that... read more

5 Tips for Investment Success with Tony Dutton

With more than 20 years experience in accounting, Tony Dutton has seen his share of investment success stories — as well as his share of failures. Poor outcomes generally come from a lack of proper planning and the wrong kinds of people in your life, he says. On the... read more

The Keys to Finding a Good Property Manager

The value of a good property manager is often underestimated when comes to the long-term success in property investment. If you’ve got a good property manager your journey can be a dream. However, choose a bad one or, worse still, try and do it yourself and it often... read more

Success Pieces: Your Stepping Stones Towards Your Future

Figuring out what it is that you want to do with your life is a fantastic feeling. Once the elation slips away on discovering your ‘thing’, reality starts to sink in, what do I do next? How do I get from here to there? Some people can give up before they even start... read more

Why Your Health is Your Most Important Asset

When Sally Lydia Paech was hit with a debilitating thyroid disorder, she knew she had to make a change in her life. Over the span of roughly seven years, Sally battled fiercely against a violent case of hyperthyroidism, which saw her weight drop below 36 kilos on... read more

Calming the Mind for Clarity and Fulfillment

When I first meet clients at Know How, one of the first things I ask is: What does your ideal life look like to you? And usually, they can’t answer. They have no clarity of what they want to achieve and why. Like me, they struggle with the constant chattering of the... read more

Invest in Yourself and Take Control of Your Future

Like many of us in our thirties and beyond, you might be able to relate to the idea of working for years, sometimes decades, to build a skill set in your chosen profession only to find you’ve become a corporate slave of your own making. The lure of big bucks and... read more

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